Miscellaneous: Removing door panel

Tools needed: Phillip head screw driver; flat head screw driver or trim remover tool

Step1: Remove all the screws. There should be a total of 8. 2 near the hinge; 3 on the very bottom; one in the arm rest handle; one below the arm handle; and the last behind the power window switch. I would recommend prying the switch out from the bottom to minimize any visible scratches in case you goof. The same goes for the plastic cover under the arm rest. The photos below show the locations.

Step2: Pry out the door handle frame.

Step3: Pop loose all the plastic retainers. I start with the corner near the hinge. Go all around the boarders before i pop out the center ones.

Step4: Now that the door panel should be somewhat dangling. The only thing holding it on should be the top of the door panel where it's hooked into the top of the door. Pull up and the door panel should come off. *Make sure once the panel is off, you unhook the power window harness.

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