Installation: DC Sport short shift adapter

Tools needed: Ratchet with 10mm socket, allen wrench (should be provided with the adapter).

*These instructions are for the DC Sports short shift adapter, but as far as I know, these instructions apply to most (if not all) adapters.

Step1: Open the cup holder lid and pull up on one corner of the lid, it'll pop out. Next pull the other corner and the whole cup holder should come out.

Step2: Reach under the plastic located between the hand brake and where the cup holder was and pull up just enough to pop both clips from the retainer.

Step3: Using your thumb, dig into the shift boot so you can feel the under side of the front plastic and give a quick yank up. There's a retainer clip on each corner.

Step4: After you've pulled the front out, grab the center and slide it forward off the hand brake and fold it over the shifter (Note: place the gear in 1st).

Step5: Using a 10mm socket and ratchet, unbolt the shift linkage.

Step6: Push the linkage away for now.. Place the dc adapter on like on the pic with the bolt (where the linkage was located) going through the hole on the dc adapter and screw the stock nut back without the stock washer.. Tighten, but leave enough slack so the adapter can rock a little forward and backward.

Step7: Apply Loctite on the thread of the little black allen screw and screw it in tight using the supplied allen wrench.

Step8: Tighten the nut on the side that you left some slack on previously.

Step9: Place the linkage on the arm of the dc ss adapter and use the supplied hardware to secure it (as shown in the pic at step 5). This doesn't need to be screwed on super tight.

Step10: Replace the panels and you're done.. enjoy the shorter throws, normal driving will feel easier.. =)

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