Homelink overhead console swap

Tools needed: Small flathead screw driver, philips head screwdriver.
Parts needed: Color matched homelink console off a V6-EX accord.

*This quick guide is meant for swapping the homelink unit into a 4cyl EX accord. It's a direct replacement. However, it is NOT a direct replacement on LX models. Both the V6 and 4cyl EX models have sunroofs where the liner depth is the same, since the LX models do not have sunroofs, the liner is more shallow and modifying the homelink unit will be necessary in order to make it fit. I'm sure there is a DIY out there, but I dont have it.

Step1: Gently pry out the clear lense of the map lights. Observe the pic to note the clip positions to pry.

Step2: There are 4 screws holding the console up to the roof. Once the screws are removed, you'll have to wiggle it out. There's a harness attached to the back, so don't yank it down.

Step3: Here's a side-by-side comparison. Everything is the same fitment-wise. The plugs are the same as well. The homelink unit will draw the necessary power on its own.

Step4: Reverse process for installation of the new unit.

For programming instructions, you can visit Homelink's home page: Homelink.com

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