Short shifter installation

*If you're upgrading your shifter, it's the perfect time to upgrade your shifter bushing to a more solid urethane one. It'll make your short shifter a lot more crisp.

Tools needed: Ratchet set (sockets 10, 12, 14, 19, 22mm), impact gun, 1/2" head breaker bar, open ended wrench set.

Step1: Remove the shift knob. Remove the center console to access the dust cover for the shifter. There's a ring through the opening of the floor for the dust cover to latch on to. Undo it.

Step2: Jack up the front of the vehicle onto jackstands. Make sure to have the handbrake up and choke the rear wheels.

Step3: You'll need to unbolt the exhaust where it meets at the downpipe and have it swung out of the way to access the shift rod.

Step4: Unbolt the shift rod from the bottom of the shifter and swing it out of the way.

Step5: Removing the extension rod.
-Undo the 2 bolts holding the extension rod in place.

-You'll probably need an open ended wrench to access and remove the bolt holding the extension rod against the tranny.

-Removed Assembly-

Step6: Undo the 2 nuts on the bottom of the shifter.

Step7: Remove the rubber dust boot and the plastic ball seat off the oem shifter. It'll be re-used.

Step8: Remove the metal joint collar from the bottom of the shifter and pick out the rubber o-rings. Your new shifter should have included new o-rings. If not, then leave the o-rings intact.

Step9: Before you re-assemble everything on the new shifter, make sure you apply a generous amount of lithium grease (hopefully you bought one that supplied it with the kit) in between the cracks and over the plastic ball seat. The rubber boot should be stuffed with grease. When you re-install the shifter to the extension rod, don't over tighten the 2 nuts. Due to the size, you can snap them. 7 ft. lbs. only

Step10: Install the metal joint collar with the new o-rings onto the new shifter. Make sure to apply a generous amount of white lithium grease to that too. One large o-ring will probably be used on the outter part of the collar.

Step11: Since you're upgrading to a short shifter, I hope you purchased the urethane shifter bushings as well. Replace the rubber bushings on both ends of the extension rod with the new urethane ones.

Step12: Reverse the removal process to put everything back together, lower the vehicle and re-install the shift knob.

Torque specs:
  • Shifter ball holder (metal holder for shifter to bracket), 2 bolts: 7 ft. lbs.
  • Extension rod bolt to transmission (1 bolt): 16 ft. lbs.
  • Extension rod to chasis (2 bolts): 16 ft. lbs.
  • Shift rod to shifter (connects to the bottom of the shifter), 2 bolts: 16 ft. lbs.

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